Wednesday, January 30, 2013

F^3 Half Marathon Race Recap

The day of the F^3 half marathon started out like any other race. I met up with Nicole, Amanda, and Maggie to carpool to the city. We got to the city much earlier than I expected and we were able to find a nice parking spot right by the start with no problem. We stayed in the car to keep warm for as long as possible before meeting up with some bloggers and some FN Runners. Nothing felt particularly out of the ordinary.
Carpool crew (L to R): me, Maggie, Nicole, and Amanda

FNRC, plus 1 blogger

I started the race with Erin and I know we run well together from our Zooma experience. We started off at a conversations pace of about 9:30. This is usually easy for me but it just seemed like a struggle. We kept it going until about mile 4 when I had to dial it back. I knew I had some mental blocks that I had to try and break through if I wanted to finish this thing. I wished Erin good luck and I slowed to about a 10 min pace. Soon afterwards, I ran past some of the Chicago Running Bloggers and their signs made me smile! Thanks so much for coming out to cheer us on!

As I kept going, I felt more and more sluggish and the nausea started. I was moving at about an 11 min pace at this point. After getting sick, I stopped to walk and one of the course marshals asked me if I was okay. I knew what I wanted the answer to be, yet that was different than the truth. I wasn't okay and this just wasn't my race. Instead of trying to struggle through the next 7.5 miles, I decided to throw in the towel and DNF. I had to listen to my body and my body was telling me to stop. There are a bunch of different factors that could be reasons why, but I don't want to over analyze the possibilities. It just wasn't my day.

On the plus side, I got to head to the finish line early and see the elites finish. I was most excited about seeing Tera Moody finish! I also got the chance to talk to her after the race, and congratulate her on her Houston finish earlier this month. As we were chatting, some random guy came up behind Tera and gave her a big hug, lifting her up. Apparently he thought she was someone else... Awkward... But Tera just laughed it off an we kept on talking. She lives and trains in Colorado so we talked about the difference in sea level and different running terrains. She was really friendly and I'm super bummed I didn't get a pic of us together! What kind of blogger am I?

I then headed back to my car for a little bit and waited for my other friends to finish. It seems like everyone had a really great race despite the temps an conditions (some of the terrain was quite snowy).

Post-race, posing with medals (which also doubled as cowbells)
After the race, we headed to the Cubby Bear for the post-race party and some beers. With my nausea, I decided it was best to not have any beers so I enjoyed an ice cold glass of water.

The FNRC at the Cubby Bear
Overall, I thought this was a fantastic race. It was well organized and well staffed. Even when I was off on the sidelines, waiting for a ride to the finish, I overheard some of the walkie-talkie conversations and they had each other covered. I wish there would have been more warming tents at the start as they got pretty crowded before the race. All of the post-race eats were great (except, a bottle of water would have been nice versus cups) and I especially enjoyed the donuts. :)

Packet pickup was offered in the city and a few different suburbs and that was definitely helpful. The shirt we got is a nice short sleeved tech tee. I thought it was strange to have a short-sleeved shirt for a winter race, but given my long arms problem, I'm not going to complain.

I hope to run this event next year and cross that finish line smiling. :)


  1. I was looking for you everywhere around mile 10-11 and I was really worried. I knew something wasn't right and I've been stalking your blog to see what was up. I'm glad you were okay...and still smiling. You and I am doing sub 1:50 this year...Deal? Tell me the plan...I'll get on board.

  2. Thanks so much Sierra. I am totally down for doing sub 1:50 this year. Perhaps the spring or the fall... Unless you have plans for that marathon you've mentioned a few times...??? :)

  3. We were so worried about you when we never saw you come back around!! SO glad you were ok! I really commend you for listening to your body and knowing when to stop. I think a lot of times we tend to push ourselves when we really shouldn't so major kudos to you for being intune with that sexy body of yours!

  4. Amy B @ Second City RandomnessJanuary 30, 2013 at 11:52 AM

    I'm sorry it was an "off" race for you, my dear. We all have bad runs, just sucks when they happen on the big day. Meh. But at least you still had a good experience there! And next year... watch out!

  5. PretoriaRunningManJanuary 30, 2013 at 1:31 PM

    Look like a fun (and cold) day out!!!

  6. Sometimes it's best to listen to your body! Proud of you fod making that decision even though I know it wasn't an easy one!

  7. Good job for listening to your body - even as frustrating as it can be to 'admit defeat' from what you had set out to do that day. It's a big lesson learned. I'm not sure if I know that lesson yet.

  8. I love that Tera comes here so often to race! She's sweet. Did you read that article about her in RW a few years ago, and her issues with insomnia?

    So happy you felt okay after and were able to stop when you knew you should :)

  9. You know me too well! It is hard to know when to stop sometimes and I'm glad I was able to listen.

  10. Yes, I read that article. That is kind of crazy to me. I can't imagine only getting a few hours of sleep a night. I need my full 8 or I am a giant grouch!

  11. I know I already said this in your previous post, but good for you for listening to your body and doing the smart thing!! No shame because I'm sure you saved yourself from some negative (and possibly lasting) side effects had you pushed on :)

  12. How awesome, this looks like so much fun!!!!! Glad you had a great time!