Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Lucky Half Marathon Race Recap

I've been talking about this half marathon for weeks so I was really excited that the day was finally here.

On Friday I went to the "expo" and picked up my race info and hoodie. (I use the quotes as it wasn't really an expo. Just packet pickup where you could buy more Team Ortho stuff if you wanted.) The hoodie is nice and long and I wore it most of the day on Saturday (and again right now).

My friend Amanda tipped me off about this awesome $2 parking lot so I drove downtown nice and early the morning of the race. I got to the starting line and was surprised how small the group seemed to be. I soon met up with Nicole Fritz who took some nice pre race photos.

Of course I wore my green sparkle skirt and some obnoxious green and orange socks from Target. I had gone back and forth on about 3 different shirt options because I couldn't figure out the weather. At mile 7, I regretted my decision to not go with something lighter.
Photo Source: Nicole Fritz

Soon after seeing Nicole, I saw Gingerfoxxx and her bf Matt.
GFoxxx and I had similar race goals (to finish) so we ran the race together. I got excited while I was talking and started off a bit too fast. I think the first few miles were under 9 minutes.

Too early in the race for us to not be smiling! (Source)
The farther we went, the hotter it became. The course was along the lakefront so there wasn't an inch of shade. At mile 2 we were looking for the first water stop that wasn't there. They weren't marked on the course map so I wasn't quite sure where they would be. Standard is every 2 miles, but apparently not according to Team Ortho. The first water stop was at mile 3.5 (not joking). Thankfully I had brought a small water bottle that we were able to use in between. When we finally saw the first water station, I was looking forward to my mid-race favorite beverage--lemon lime Gatorade. Only it wasn't there. "Powerade! Powerade here and water right after!" is what the volunteers were announcing. Um, wtf? Blue Powerade? What kind of race is this? I didn't take any because I wasn't sure how my stomach would handle it. I kept it to water just in case.

The course was the traditional out and back along the lakefront path and the volunteers did a really great job directing traffic. They kept us from veering off the course and were encouraging along the way. I think considering the heat, they prob could have had more medical personnel.

The second half of the race was even tougher than the first with that sun beating down on us. Gingerfoxxx had a great idea and that was to list cold (non-dairy) items that we were longing for. Margaritas, mojitos, popsicles, ice cubes, carnival lemonade shakeups, Italian ice, the first jump into a lake when it isn't quite warm enough and it gives you goosebumps all over. This helped a little bit, but only for a few minutes. I ate a Gu at mile 8 and my stomach didn't like me very much after that. Gingerfoxxx was having larger stomach issues than me, but I didn't mind when she stopped to walk. (I know all about stomach issues...) We were finally rounding the bend for our last 1/2 mile when she spotted her bf Matt who snapped this gem. :)

I think my face in this photo is priceless. "Yes I'm running, but I'm not enjoying it." We were almost done! Thank god. The cheering at this point went above and beyond what was expected. The deafening roar from the volunteers and finishers helped motivate us to finish strong! Right as we turned the corner, we could see the finish line. I spotted Nicole with her camera so I made sure to pose for the pic.
Source: Nicole Fritz

There weren't a ton of people running this race and they were announcing names as people crossed the finish line. As we crossed the finish line at the exact same time, both our names were called together. Kind of cool actually. Our finish time: 2:12:57 (10:08). I was really happy that I didn't have a specific goal time for this half marathon, considering the horrible weather conditions, etc. I was happy to keep Gingerfoxxx company and finish/suffer through it together.
Sara and I

Half Fanatics!
Nicole and I

Overall it was a fun race, but my opinion on Team Ortho is still out there. I was really disappointed with the lack of extra water/support during the heat. Then again, this was their first time putting on THIS race (but they've put on the Polar Dash and Monster Dash in Chicago as well). I know it is hard to tell in some of these photos as my skin blends in with my white tank top. I really should have put on sunblock because now I have a wicked hillbilly sunburn. No worries, I'll spare you all the photo. :)

Next up: Shamrock Shuffle! Hopefully 1) we'll have cooler weather or 2) my body will be more used to the heat. Fingers crossed!


  1. Congrats on finishing!!
    I looked the weather up for sunday and high of 63 so far. Fingers crossed!

  2. That's great news! Hopefully it remains that way throughout the week! :/

  3. There will be nicer weather for shamrock shuffle - the universe owes us!! (and i have been wearing the hoodie non-stop. so worth running 13 miles in the heat, haha)

  4. I'm glad I didn't sign up for this race because of the weather ... but I still really want a hoodie!!!!!

  5. Haha TOTALLY!! I love how long the hoodie is. I wore it to work today and wish I could wear it around the office. New favorite clothing item that I'm not taking off. :D

  6. The weather was horrible, but the hoodie did make part of it worth it. :)

  7. Congrats on your finish! It was HOT this weekend, so I cannot imagine running a half! Good luck next weekend - I cannot wait for the Shuffle!

  8. Congrats! Do you feel like you got what you wanted out of the race? :) I love that you got to run with Sara! She seems like a lot of fun :)

    I hope the Shamrock Shuffle is cooler. What a horrible day for a half. Too hot too early in the year. And lame about the water stops! But love the hoodie!!!

    I think you should show us your awful sunburn!

  9. Thanks! The sun was brutal but I was happy to have finished. I hadn't sweat that much in a looong time. Haha. I can't wait for the Shuffle either! Year 6 for me! :)

  10. Considering the weather and everything, I think I got a lot out of the race. I didn't have a time expectation so there was no failure. Finishing was winning. I had to remind myself of the "no time expectation" as I was struggling during the end. We finished the race together and finishing is what was most important! :)

    I think the Shamrock Shuffle will be cooler. At least, I hope so. Even if it is hot, hopefully our bodies are more acclimated to it?!

    Can't wait to meet everyone on Saturday! :D

  11. I've been awaiting the report! Sounds just like I expected but good that you got out and ran. Congrats! I know it was hot and I felt for all of you. I rarely get good race conditions so I knew exactly what you all were feeling. Great job and, yes, lets hope for coller weather for the Shuffle!

  12. Thanks! It was hot and unbearable but I still finished the race and didn't throw up. I think it was an important lesson learned in Chicago 2011 and this was a great example of the application of what was learned. Slow down, drink water, don't throw up. I didn't have fear going into this race. I knew I could do it because I had already done a full. :) The overall mission was accomplished and I couldn't be happier with my medal.

    It is looking like the temps will be cooler on Sunday, but you never know?!

  13. Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time at the run! lol. I know you had fun but I know how hot "non-shaded" runs can be! Nice finish time!

  14. Thanks Amanda! I have a new perspective on summer running. I think this will be a great year. :)