Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2016 Workout Summary

If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw that I was cleared to workout at my 6 week appointment!

That day (March 21) I went for a 1 mile run. I never thought that running a mile would feel so slow. But after taking almost a year off from running, you have to start somewhere! I thought that bringing back a weekly or monthly summary might help make me accountable. Spring is here, the weather is beautiful, and it feels great to get out there and get moving! Pepper was not impressed.

I went to my first post-baby barre class on Friday (March 25) with Meghan. In classic form, we forgot to take a photo after class! I was kind of rushing to get back because I had left the kids with my mom and it was a workday for her.

The day before Easter (March 26), I went for a 5 mile walk with my in-laws on a new local trail through a forest preserve. We took turns pushing Patsy while I carried Hank in the Baby Bjorn. The trail was paved and was a little winding and had some rolling hills. I would say it would be perfect for running but there wasn't any shade so it would be best left for spring and fall runs.
That mom of 2 life!

Awhile back, Maggie told me about the Nike NTC app. After a few failed attempts at planning another run, I thought I would give the app a try. I picked the Cardio Surge workout which required no equipment. It was 45 minutes of mountain climbers, frog jump, jump squats, lunges, walking burpees and lots of other things. To be honest, I really wanted to quit about half way through but I pushed through.

And yesterday (March 30), I went for another mile run. Patsy insisted on coming with me so it was a nice stroller run. It started to rain while we were out there and I felt kind of badass (even though I was jamming out to the Camp Rock soundtrack), if I do say so myself. It felt much better than my first run so I'm excited for what April will bring!
Testing out my new Oiselle baseball cap. Love it!

As I'm restarting my workout journey, I'm remembering how challenging it can be to revolve runs around breastfeeding schedules, child care, meals, and everything else in between. Oiselle has an upcoming challenge in April and I'm excited about participating! I plan to run 13 times in the month of April. That equates to about 3 times a week for 4 weeks. We'll see how it goes! Here is the link to Oiselle's blog to find out more about the challenge!

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