Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom of a Toddler

I thought this might be a fun one to post. This is a list of things that have actually 100% happened to me this week. I've blended a few of the days together but this is a pretty typical day for me. It is chaotic. It is crazy. But that little smiling face is totally worth all of it and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!! Being a mom is something that I always imagined being my entire life. I really love that I have been blessed with a wonderful child who is so smart and independent in so many ways. I try not to think about how hard or challenging it is because this is just my life. The good definitely outweighs the bad in every way possible!

3:00am: Patsy wakes up in her crib. Debate for 2 second whether to lay with her in her bed to get her to go back to sleep, or to grab her and bring her in our bed. While thinking about this, get up, get her and bring her in our bed.

5:30am: Alarm goes off, try to get up and out of bed without waking Patsy or husband to sneak in a shower

5:35am: Hear Patsy crying but pretend I don't and continue showering

5:37am: Bathroom door slams open, hear a muffled "Mommy" in between some fake crying before the shower curtain is opened up with a smile and someone saying "HI!"

5:40am: Finish showering, get dressed, sit down to get ready

6:00am: Finish blowdrying hair with daughter in your lap. Wonder what warmth is all over your work pants? Oh, that is urine as she just peed through her diaper. Change my outfit, get Patsy dressed, clean up pee, get breakfast, feed Pepper

6:30am: Look at the clock, realize there is no way we will be ready in time. Make some toast with peanut butter and bananas, give Patsy part of the banana and some raspberries too. Walk back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. Realize once we are back in the bathroom, Patsy dropped raspberries on the floor, stepped in them and has walked through the house with raspberry juice footprints. Clean up raspberry footprints.

6:45am: Look in the mirror one more time before leaving for work, hate my outfit and spend 5-10 minutes trying on 5 different shirts, none of which fit the way I want them to (because they are from 2 years ago, before I was ever pregnant)

6:55am: Rush out the door, barely remembering to let the dog in, load up the car only to realize that Patsy now has a poopy diaper. Make executive decision not to change her and just drive to Grandma's house and let her know upon arrival (mom of the year folks).

7:12am: Drop Patsy off at Grandma's with a wave good bye and blowing kisses like a pro. Run to make the train, study on the train ride in.

8:20am: Pay mortgage and deposit husband's paycheck on the way to work

8:40am: Arrive at work a little late but that's okay. I've got until 5pm to get everything done.

5:05pm: Rushing to leave the office, running to make the train. Study on the train ride home

6:30pm: Pick up Patsy from Grandma's house. She falls asleep on the car ride home, when she wakes up she only wants to talk to or be held by Mommy. I try to cook something semi-healthy for dinner with a toddler clinging to my side.

6:45pm: Eat dinner as a family in front of the TV while watching The Simpsons. I haven't finished my meal yet but Patsy is crying, is done, and wants to get down. Dad helps take her down so I can finish eating. We play games in the living room until it is time for bed.

7:30pm: Bed time for Patsy. Time to brush her teeth and change into pajamas. She "shows daddy her PJs" while I tidy up her room from the morning's chaos and get ready for bed. Patsy helps pick out bedtime stories, turns on the sleep sheep and nightlight turtle. I put Patsy in the crib, climb in there myself and we lay and read bedtime stories together. We try to watch an episode of Friends on Netflix on my phone and she falls asleep. I then try to gingerly get out bed without waking her up

8:45pm: Tidy up the house from the chaos of the day's activities. Look at dishes in the sink but don't do them. Look at folded laundry in a basket but don't put it away.

9:00pm: Attempt to study for an hour before letting out Pepper and going to bed.

10:30pm: Bed time. Until everything starts all over again the next day!


  1. Katie @ Live Half FullApril 16, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    I love this glimpse into your day! Keep blogging- you're making me feel more and more excited to be a Mom with every post!

  2. Aw thanks so much! I have a few other post ideas so I hope to keep things rolling! Is it weird that I'm also excited for you to become a mom? I love reading about and discovering how other people become a parent for the first time.