Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ultimate Direction Water Bottle Review

Being a Zooma ambassador, we will be sent various products throughout the course of the next few months to try out and promote before the race. One of the most recent goodies came from Ultimate Direction. They sent me a handheld water bottle and fanny-pack-type belt. I have been in desperate need of a new handheld water bottle since my old one keeps leaking all over the place. It was a match made in heaven! The Ultimate Direction handheld worked well, was dry, and had a curvature that was handy to use while running. It also had a nice reflective strip for night time running (every little bit helps in the dark!).
I didn't utilize the handy pocket the last time out, but it looks like it would fit a gu or two. I'll have to test it out with Picky Bars to see if it would fit. Overall, I got this as a freebie, but this is a product I would have spent money on otherwise.

If you're interested in scoring a UD water bottle of your own, enter the May photoaday contest on Zooma's Instagram account! (Details here)

RunningKellometers Approved

As a reminder, if you want to run the Chicago Zooma race with me, register here and use code CAMB12 for 10% off your registration fee.


  1. I'd love to try this! My larger hand held is a pain in the butt!

  2. Go ahead and join the Zooma Photoaday contest on Instagram!!

  3. I have one too but have not used it. I am not a big fan of handhelds. However, I do like the belt.