Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Patsy Wilson: 4 Months

Patsy is currently: 4 months old! Wow, time has FLOWN by. I've been pretty bad at keeping track of things so I'm hoping to do these monthly posts!

Weight: unknown. We had to push back her pediatrician appointment because we are still figuring out our new schedule! I'll know her weight at some point next weekend.

Clothing:  finally she is fitting into 3-6 month things. Not that I want her to get too big too quickly or anything, I was just starting to get sick of her 0-3 month outfits. Is that bad to say? She is such a fashionista!

Nicknames: Patsy already is a nickname, but we also call her nugget too.

Health/Diet:  Still just on breastmilk! My goal is for her to be breastfed for a full year. As a year seems like a million years away (and I'm back at work full time), my interim goal is 6 months. I know some women exclusively pump and I'm not sure I could do it! I love nursing my little Patsy girl and the pump is just not nearly as satisfying, lol.
Loving a bottle while Mom is at work!

Sleep: She slept really well for the past few months, but now she seems to be getting up more. I think this is what is called the 4 month sleep regression. So now that she is 4 months old, her sleep pattern is changing. That means that she never wants to go to sleep and gets up a lot. Perfect for a mom just going back to work. :) She sleeps well if she is swaddled so we are still swaddling our little nugget!

Milestones: We can get her to laugh sometimes and it is the best sound in the whole world. She has also started fake coughing, which apparently is a thing. She is getting stronger each day! She rolled over once the other day but we haven't been able to replicate it. Also, she pushed herself up to the sitting position to look at Pepper while in her Snugamonkey. I think she used the Snugamonkey as support, but that is still kind of a big deal!

Likes: Being held, being tossed in the air, tubby time, mommy and daddy snuggles, kisses from Pepper, sticking her hands in her mouth

Dislikes: Her bouncy seat, the carseat, tummy time, not being held

Happy 4 months to my Patsy girl!


  1. Love the pics. Especially the "swaddling" one where she looks like she is wrapped up like a burrito!

  2. Awwwww. That's all I have to say :)

  3. Sooooo cute!! Going through all the different milestones has got to be awesome! My cousin's baby also really liked being swaddled.

  4. Yay! I love the update. I can't believe it's been four months!

    Ha! She is practicing her fake cough young, for calling in to work, in years to come :)

    I read "tummy time" under likes and was surprised! Then I saw "tummy time" under dislikes and realized I misread tubby for tummy. LOL!

    Love all the pics, especially those smiley ones!

  5. It is really fun! It is so important to enjoy each stage because they're only this little for such a short amount of time!

  6. Haha, totally!

    I'm glad you like the pics! I have more than enough to go around, taking more and more each day!!! :)