Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Wilson's First Week Home

Well, Patsy is now over a week old and we've been home from the hospital for just over a week. We have had lots of visitors at our house and I love all the company. It really helps the day go by faster with other people coming by. Pepper also really loves all the visitors. This is Dad's first week back at work since Patsy was born and it has been off to a bit of a rough start (very late to work his first day back and a horrible night's sleep the night before). I'm excited that things seem to be healing well with the incision. I'm happy for when I can take my little nugget out and about (I really dislike being cooped up in the house all day). After 2 weeks, I'm cleared to lift things heavier than the baby, so I will actually be able to pick  her up in her carseat.

Get ready folks. Here comes some of the TMI stuff of what it has been like at home. I had a plan to exclusively breastfeed my baby and I'm happy to report that Patsy has really taken to it. She is eating (and pooping and peeing) like a champ. It isn't easy and it is very tiring being the only food source. But I think it is worth it and I would do it all over again. I hope that things continue to work in the future, so we'll see how it goes! Sometimes the hubs and I will have a conversation strictly about what color poop the baby has. Yes, we've turned into THAT couple. It is kind of hard not to when we are both completely enthralled with our adorable baby girl. All in all, she is pretty much just eating, pooping, peeing, and sleeping these days.  She is eating about every 2 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. At times when she is awake and alert we try to do some tummy time or something. We also try to keep her awake right before we go to bed (only letting her sleep for no more than an hour between 7pm and 10pm). This has worked out fairly well so far. I would like to get into more of a bedtime routine with story time and such when she is probably about a month old.

There are some products that we've liked so far and I'll be sure to do a product post in a little while, once I take some photos of her using the various things. :)

As I mentioned before, I have been pretty much stuck in the house most days, but Patsy has already been out to dinner, out to breakfast, and even made her first trip to Kohl's. I really can't wait until I'm feeling better to take her out and around! As I'm typing this up, I'm contemplating going for a walk around the block, just to get up and out of the house. (And I want to give her stroller system an inaugural trip.)

And here is my new favorite way to spend Sundays.


  1. Wait, so you mention the color of the poop but don't tell US?! Hmm, maybe I am the only person who likes to talk about poop. Well, I know Bobbi is cool with it, too, as I told her a poop story the other day.

    I am very happy to hear Patsy has made it to Kohl's! Did she check out running gear?! Oops, that is just me ;)

    It's exciting hearing she is starting to get on a schedule already. I can't wait to meet her!

    I hope you get out for that walk! :)

  2. AWWWWW. So happy for you Kelly! She is one adorable baby! Congrats

  3. Katie @ Live Half FullSeptember 23, 2013 at 7:26 PM

    I love this update- it warms my heart! You guys seem like such natural parents and are totally glowing!

  4. Aww! What an awesome picture. I am so glad things are going well. I am hoping to BF as well, and I am sure I'll be asking some questions, if that's ok! :)

  5. Looks like a pretty great way to spend a Sunday :) :) :) :)

  6. Awww, I love these posts and the baby face.

  7. Yes! I'm happy to help answer any questions you have. My best advice is don't be afraid to ask questions to the lactation consultants at the hospital! Also be sure to get their contact information to take home!

  8. I did get out for that walk, thanks! Now that I'm feeling better, we are doing more and more things outside of the house! :)