Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Palos Half Marathon 2013: Spectating Race Recap

I had originally planned on volunteering for the Palos Half. I sent in my information and never heard anything from anyone. I was never given a time to appear, a prep email, nothing. I sent some requests via the Facebook page that weren't responded to. So, the day before the race (when I still hadn't heard anything), I decided to spectate instead. With the out-and-back course, I met up with the FNRC and we stayed in 1 spot but were able to see the runners twice. I ran this race last year and had a fun time with all my local pals, so I didn't want to miss this race even though I wouldn't be running it this year.

As a surprise to my fellow running club members, I brought along the pup. I mean, I know she's totally adorable, but the entire club seems to embrace her. And, not to mention, Pepper absolutely LOVES all the attention she gets whenever she is out with the group. I met up with our crowd of FNRC folks and we took a group pic before the runners started coming by.
The FNRC Crew at miles 4 & 9
Thanks for the photo Diane!

Then, I got out my phone and tried to take pics of all my friends going by. Thankfully my pals were easy to spot in our bright FNRC shirts!

While we were waiting for our pals to turn around, Diane snapped this gem of me and my buddy. Pepper was really well behaved all day. She kissed the hands of the little kids that came up and wanted to pet her. She sat and listened when I needed her to. She didn't jump up and scare any runners. I know she's great with kids, but it was really great to see little ones all around her. It made me feel some warm fuzzies for Baby Wilson and Pepper's future relationship. I just know they're going to become best friends.
Pepper wore a special shirt to support her pals.

All of my friends did really well and had a fun time on race day. Spectating, this made me want to run this race again next year! It really is a fun one and the support by the local running clubs is unmached by any other race! If you haven't done it before, I highly, highly recommend it. Have you done this race before? If so, is it one of your favorites too? If not, why the heck not? Just kidding (kind of).

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