Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Wilson: 22 Weeks

How far along? 22 weeks
Baby’s size/development this week: weighs about 1 pound and measures 11 inches long; about the size of a spaghetti squash
Maternity clothes: wearing them? Yes. I made a few Loft purchases last week. Once I’m more towards the end of my pregnancy, I’ll give my thoughts on maternity clothes.
Miss anything? Sushi, it really is refreshing in the summer.
Food cravings? Nothing really. Lemonade has been my preferred drink of choice so we have it at home and now I have some at work.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The same old Starbucks coffee and cigarette smoke. Nothing new here.
Sleep: Baby’s kicks have been getting stronger and Baby is usually active right as I’m about to fall asleep. The hubs will ask me what I’m giggling about; Baby’s kicks sometimes tickle!
Best moment of the week: Having the hubs finally get to feel some strong kicks. My MIL even got to feel a few too. Some kicks are stronger than others but it is not yet getting old! (I don’t know if it ever will)
Nursery: Nothing yet. The dresser that the hubs bought is still in its box from Ikea. With Memorial Day coming up, I imagine we’ll get started on it after the holiday weekend.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Movement? As mentioned before, Baby’s kicks are getting stronger and stronger. I feel them several times a day and it is still pretty cool. At some point between this week and next, Baby learns how to swallow and hiccups come soon after. I can only imagine what that will feel like.
Weird pregnancy thing of the week: Nothing really new or strange here. Skin is still awfully dry (as if we are in the dead of winter). I still fit into all my normal shoes so that is still a good sign (this is usually a point in the pregnancy when the feet start to swell).
Daddy is feeling: happy about getting to feel the kicks. This whole baby thing is starting to seem more real.
Mommy is feeling: good! I do have to get a bathing suit for this summer as there is no way I’m fitting into my old one. When I went to try them on, I had no idea of my size which led to some pretty sad images in the dressing room. Lol. I’m still undecided if I want to go with a maternity tankini or flaunt the bump in a two piece. TBD
Workouts this week: I did 1.5 mile run on Tuesday and did lots of walking the rest of the week. It was a fairly busy week where I didn't make much time for workouts. That seems to be the general theme so far so hopefully that changes!
Looking forward to: a nice long holiday weekend! It will be nice to relax and be around the hubs’ family. Although, not being able to have a beer or two will be a different kind of Memorial Day Weekend experience.


  1. Aw, the baby kicks being ticklish is cute :) Sounds like maybe you're not quite on the same sleep schedule now though?

    I hope you found some maternity clothes you like! I'm sure that's hard since there's such a limited selection out there. And last week I got a chicken teriyaki roll from Jewel, so it was still like sushi, but fully cooked - maybe you can find something like that to fill the sushi void?

  2. AW flaunt the belly! I love seeing pregnant women showing off their bump!

  3. Any time I tried to have somebody else feel a kick, she'd go motionless and then they'd just be staring at me while touching my stomach. Awkward.

  4. Well, I wrote this post before yesterday. I purchased a 2 piece and will be showing off the bump this summer. Photos will not follow so you'll just have to catch me at the beach ;)

  5. Haha, this has totally happened too! And it made me laugh out loud because there really is nothing else less awkward. Haha

  6. It is written in the books that the motion of the day puts the baby to sleep, therefore leaving the baby a chance to be active at night. They said that the timeline usually continues even after birth, hence the many sleepless nights ahead.

    I have found some maternity items that I like, thanks! I've had some cooked sushi here and there, but it just isn't the same as the real thing. I compare it to going to a steakhouse and ordering the salad. I'm sure it will be a good salad, but it just isn't the same. Lol :)

  7. Flaunt that bump! You are too cute! :)