Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Wilson: 21 Weeks

How far along? 21 weeks
Baby’s size/development this week: weighs about 12 1/2 ounces and measures 10 1/2 inches long; about the size of a pomegranate or a carrot
Maternity clothes: wearing them? Yes. I made a few impulse baby clothing purchases. But, that just means I have one less thing to register for!
Miss anything? My long runs. I miss being able to easily log 6-9 miles on any random weekend, depending what my heart felt like doing. Now, I’m lucky if I have the energy for 2 miles. I know it’s alright and I’ll be back to my long runs soon enough (with a jogging stroller in tow)
Food cravings? I forgot to get some fresh fruit at the grocery store last weekend so I’ve really wanted some apples. Thankfully I remedied that by going to the store this weekend.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The same old Starbucks coffee and cigarette smoke. Nothing new here.
Sleep: Baby’s kicks have been getting stronger but they have yet to wake me up in the middle of the night. I’d like to think that Baby and I are on the same sleep schedule, but I’m sure that is just in my head.
Best moment of the week: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat at the doctor’s appointment. We got the results from the ultrasound and everything is developing well and as expected. Baby Wilson is in the 50th percentile with all of the things they were able to check. Things are looking good!  Also, I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day (well, mother-to-be) where the hubs made me breakfast and we went on a nature hike. It was a really fun day.
Nursery: I received a pregnancy book as a Mother’s Day gift and they have a spot to take a before and after photo of the nursery. Right now, things are in shambles in there. Pretty perfect for a “before” photo, I must say.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Movement? Some days Baby is more active than others. I was nervous when I didn’t feel a lot of kicks on Sunday, but I felt lots of kicks throughout the day on Monday. I love being able to feel Baby after waiting so long to do so. It really is comforting to know that there really is something in there! I don’t think it will ever stop being surreal. Maybe once the baby is delivered?
Weird pregnancy thing of the week: It is humid outside and my skin is still SO DRY. You’d think it was winter! They itch and hurt on a regular basis. I keep putting lots of lotion on but it is still annoying
Daddy is feeling: “happy pappy”
Mommy is feeling: good and wants to get rolling on lots of things while I still have the energy to do so!
Workouts this week: I did 1 run this week and rode the bike once this week. Daily Mile is not impressed with my workouts. I haven’t gotten one of those “Kelly, what an epic week!” (insert other adjective instead of epic) emails in a while. Instead they are just like “Here is your workout summary.” I want to tell those emails “Lay off me, I’m pregnant! Give me some encouragement you jerks!”
Looking forward to: Finish registering. I had no idea that registering for baby stuff would be such hard work! I’ve been going over these lists for over a month and I’m still not done! Baby registries are way more complicated than wedding registries… And the decisions lead to a much bigger impact. What happens if I don’t pick a good toaster? I get frustrated on a Saturday morning when making breakfast. What happens if I don’t pick a good car seat? I don’t want to know.


  1. You tease! We don't get to see the before pic? :)

    I am happy you had a nice first Mother's Day :)

    Ha! Daily Mile should let you input that you are pregnant! Then it would know to be all "Go Kelly!" :)

  2. Heather BarnsteinMay 14, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Hello, Kim just posted your link on FB and I had to follow because we're both due around the same time, so had to say hi!

    Hah, dailymile weekly summaries have not been my friend either! I was thinking that looking at mine the other day - I actually got irritated before getting sobby and whining to my husband that I was "doing the best that I can." Running while pregnant is much harder than I ever thought it would be,. To think I thought I'd keep up 20-25 mile weeks when I first got pregnant...my GOOD weeks are 15 right now and that includes walks!

  3. Oh nice! Hi and thanks for stopping in! I also thought I would be one of those super women that somehow was able to run long distances and half marathons into the second and third trimesters. Boy was I wrong! I'm lucky if I have the energy/desire to get out and get in 2 miles at a time. I lost a lot of my fitness during the nauseous phase when I didn't run for about 6 weeks. Getting back into it was a slow process so now I just do what I can and hope for the best. My weekly mileage is under 5 miles a week so props to you for keeping it going! I had several breakdowns early in my pregnancy when I would get sobby and upset that I couldn't run as far or as fast as before. My husband would lovingly remind me that I had to snap out of it and realize that I was pregnant. My body couldn't do what it used to be able to do, regardless of what other women are able to do. I'm just happy to be out there and MOVING even if it is at a slowwwww pace. (Like, very slow.) More power to you for getting out there and doing as much as you can! Listening to your body is key. If your body only wants to do less than 5 miles at a time, then that is probably your best bet. I think there are probably more women like us that find it hard to fit in the long miles we used to enjoy, than those that can miraculously do 10 milers every weekend.

    Sorry this comment is so long winded! Just happy to talk running and pregnancy with someone else going through it who has had a similar experience! :)

  4. Heather BarnsteinMay 14, 2013 at 2:26 PM

    Nothing to apologize for, I feel the same way! My husband has been great at reminding me that it's amazing I'm doing anything at all, it's just hard to swallow anyway! In my head I want to say, "Sure, 8 miles this weekend? I can do that!" But the reality is definitely not matching what I wanted, and it's a struggle to be okay with that - I know that listening to my body is much more important than listening to my head right now.

    5 miles a week is -not- bad but I know how you feel. Just remember..there are a lot of women who don't even exercise at all during pregnancy because it's so hard. (I was one of them with my first baby.) That's both more miles and more exercise than even above average pregnant women will usually log - so screw dailymile, you're doing fantastic :) Even if it's hard to realize that at the moment.

  5. It is nice to know other women are struggling with fitting in the miles. :) You are totally right! I struggled with it a lot at first, but now I'm in a comfortable place where I just need to do what I want to do and not worry about comparing myself and my pregnancy to other people. It just isn't worth the trouble. :)

  6. You should give that feedback to DailyMile! Tell there there should be an option to mark "I'm pregnant", LOL.

  7. You and the bump are totes adorable! Don't let the DMstuff get you down- you're doing everything right and listening to your body which is the most important thing right now. There will be plenty of time to run and be active in the fall :)

  8. Thanks! :) As far as racing goes, I'm hoping to participate in a Turkey Trot race and be ready to have some fun at the Shamrock Shuffle in the spring!