Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekly Cardio Summary 3/24-3/30

Miles walked: unknown... We walked around the French Quarter A LOT! Some days we barely did any walking and then other days, I wouldn't be surprised if we walked 3-5 miles throughout the day. We went to the zoo, walked around the quarter, walked along the tracks while waiting for the streetcar... Lots and lots of walking to help burn off some of those po boy calories. ;)

Wednesday: 2 mile sneaky run in the morning
I got up early one of the days on vacation, but instead of going back to sleep or watching TV, I decided to go out for a run.

Saturday: 2.75 mile run with Maggie
Met up on the trail for a few miles after a long, long drive home.

This week, working out was a lot of fun. It got me much more motivated for getting back in the habit for the weeks to come. I'd like to keep working out and running as long as my doctor says its okay and as long as it doesn't hurt! :)

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