Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Guest Post - Why Kelly is a Great BRF

Today's guest post comes from Maggie at Mag Mile Runner. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should. Maggie actually sent me 2 guest posts (expect another one to come later as well) and this post really made me smile. I love paying it forward in the running world and it is nice to see when my efforts are appreciated. :)
When Kelly asked me to do a guest post for her blog, I wasn’t sure what to write about. I had a suspicion that many of her blog followers are also my blog followers, and what could I write about that I hadn’t already written about in my blog? Or that I didn’t want to save for a post for my blog?
So why not talk about Kelly?
So, I bring you, 10 reasons why Kelly is a great BRF (best running friend):
1.) ENERGY! I don’t know where she gets it from, but she has a lot of it. And it really helps if SOMEONE has energy during a group run.
2.) Conversation. We never run out of things to talk about. Work, husbands, family, friends, running, food, blogging, pets.
3.) Pepper! Sometimes Kelly brings her dog Pepper to group runs. Pepper is adorable!
4.) Runnerd. Kelly is not afraid to be a runnerd. She’ll wear an ugly reflective vest and headlamp, while peeing in the dark on the side of the trail, getting burrs stuck on said vest. (Whoops, sorry, was I supposed to keep that story to myself?)

    5.) Reliability. She’s always out there on Thursday nights, ready for our group run. Even when I’m not. (In my defense, I had some weird hip/groin pain that was new to me and had to skip a run.)
    6.) Runner General Store. When she spectated/paced the marathon, she had everything a runner could possibly need stuffed in her shorts.
    7.) Pacing. She’s also a great pacer, and really helps distract you during miles 16-23 of a marathon.  

      8.) Awesome photography skills. Seriously, have you seen the amazing iPhone self-timed photos she takes of our group?.
      9.) Cooking. During ZOOMA weekend, Kelly taught us the art of fine carbo loading. Pasta & sauce. I hope you can keep up with her mad cooking skills.
      10.) Gangnam Style. She likes to do it all the time. In the car. While running. Which is good, because I like doing it too.
      Oh, and bonus reason:
      11. She always offers to drive when we have to carpool to a race. I feel bad, I haven’t driven us nearly as many miles as she has.
      Do you have a great BRF? What makes them so awesome? And if you don’t, maybe you can borrow Kelly once in awhile.


      1. WhoooHoooo! Kelly, you are awesome! You too, Maggie!

      2. A runner general store? Those must be some big shorts! :-)

      3. If i had to describe Kelly in one word, i would also say energy!! Hopefully you don't mind sharing her! :)

      4. Can we have the same BRF??? I knew her first...maybe I get her???? lol. I agree one hundred percent with all of your reasons! Why did I spell out one hundred percent??? lol

      5. I have been trying to duplicate that pasta recipe since luck.

      6. Everyone needs someone like Kelly as a running friend!!!

      7. I second above list of awesome things about Kelly and I will probably be stalking her to run a race with again soon. I also need to meet this Pepper that is all over Instagram.

      8. If I lived in chi-town, I would totally being trying to compete to make Kelly my BRF. But my brother makes a pretty good BRF in Alabama.