Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guest Post -- So Just Keep Running

Today's guest post comes from Paulette at So Just Keep Running. Thanks Paulette for another great guest post!

Kelly is away to focus on studying, and I’m excited to write a guest post for her this week. She sent this lovely little survey, which I took advantage of because I love surveys. Check out my answers and thoughts below and drop me a line if you want to chat!
What is your name and what is your blog? My name is Paulette, and I blog at
Why do you like to run?
Running is the part of my day when I get to destress and enjoy being outside. Running alone is a nice way to think through issues or plans, and running with friends is fun social time. Either way I can’t get enough it! Aside from this, I enjoy the goal setting opportunity of races and pushing myself toward better times or longer distances.
What is your favorite distance to race?
I’m a half marathon lover, hands down. It feels like just the right distance to challenge myself and to work on beating my time, and it doesn’t involve the extra recovery time that the full marathon does. I enjoy the 10K as well, but the 5K is a bit too short for my liking. I’m slow at warming up and the 5K is over before that even happens.
What is your favorite race?
This has to be the hardest question on the list because I have quite a few ‘favorites’ to pick just one! My top race events and why:
The San Francisco Marathon - I ran my first 5K (2005) and my first half marathon (2009) with the SF Marathon events; you could say this is what hooked me on running. After running the 5K while visiting from Michigan for a conference, I decided that someday I would run the 1st half to go over the Golden Gate Bridge. It took a few years, but I did it on another visit in 2009! I love the race because of the Golden Gate Bridge crossing, running along the water and in the marina, and because the weather is always fabulous in SF. I repeated the 1st half marathon in 2012 and am also an Ambassador for the 2013 race. Note, you can run the 1st half or 2nd half of the marathon course, which is unusual. Check out my 2012 race report here.
SF Finish Line with medal, note GG bridge on ribbon

Detroit Marathon - I’ve run the half two times in 2009 and 2012, and it’s unique because you cross the Ambassador Bridge into Canada and come back into the US via the underwater tunnel. The race is well-organized with great medals and shirts too. I love the weather for this race as well; both times it was pretty cold at the start and stayed in the 50s or below for the duration. Here’s my 2012 race report.

2012 Race Swag, shirt folded to show back design

Pittsburgh Marathon - I ran the half for this one in 2010, and I was impressed with the organization and crowd support along the course. They have many bands and cheer groups along the way. The race goes along the water and over about 5 bridges (sensing a theme here?) as well as through the city. The race swag was great, Nike long sleeve shirts, Nike socks, and nice medals too.

Name 5 random facts about yourself.

1. I love skiing; my husband and I spend many weekends skiing during the winter especially now that we have easy access to Tahoe.

2. I’m an only child, and my parents are named Paul and Paula. Crazy, huh?

3. My hometown is St. Clairsville, Ohio, and my family is very Polish on both sides. I grew up doing to Polka dances on the weekends - I miss it!

4. I’m a coffee, wine, and beer tasting nerd. I love trying new flavors and types of each, and I’m newly addicted to the beer tracking app called

5. I have a B.S. in Molecular Genetics and an M.S. in Cell & Developmental Biology, but I don’t work in that field anymore. Instead, I’m a project manager for a tech company.

Do you prefer cats or dogs and why?
Cats! My husband and I have two cats, a 10 year old, Akai, and a new 6 month old kitten, Willow. I love them both, but I’m betting our kitten is the cutest cat ever born. I can’t get enough of her!

Cuddly kitties

What sports or activities did you play when you were younger? I played indoor volleyball and ran track (hurdles and 200m) for a couple of years each, but I was much more into music than sports at that point in my life. I play trumpet and was a member of the marching, concert, and jazz bands at my high school. I also played for the show choir back-up band. In college at Ohio State, I was in the marching band and basketball/hockey bands.
What is your favorite running temperature/weather condition?
Easily 40-50 degrees, which I don’t often see where I currently live in San Jose, CA. I grew up in Ohio and spent 7 years in Ann Arbor, MI, prior to moving to California for work. Heat tends to be my nemesis especially when running, and I truly miss the cooler fall temperatures and even the winter running in Michigan. Believe me, I know I should rejoice in the California temperatures and fantastic running weather year round, but I also miss what I consider to be ‘normal’ weather! That said, I do love the lack of humidity here.
Favorite workout tune of all time?
I haven’t run with music for years, but I remember loving the beat of ‘Come On Eileen’ when I did. I still claim that as my fave workout tune.
What is your most favorite piece of race swag? (Medal, shirt, belt buckle)
Ooooo, another question where I could show you ten! The medal and shirt in the Detroit 2012 swag photo falls into this category, and aside from that I love both of my Chicago race medals. I love the quality, design, and how the ribbon goes through the medal.

Chicago Full and Half Medals

Proudest running moment? This has been a great year so far, and my proudest moment was winning 1st in my age group at a local 5 mile race, Lake Vasona. It was a small race and generally I wouldn’t come close to placing with my times, but I worked super hard that day and really pushed myself so the AG win felt awesome! I also met up with Oiselle Team member Sophia that day, who was visiting family in the Bay Area and won 3rd in her AG.

Me, Sophia, and our medals (and matching outfits!)

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  1. I have always wanted to run Pittsburgh - I hear it's hilly! Great post, and make sure Kelly is studying hard!!

  2. I soooo want to do the Detroit Marathon someday!!