Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Post - Mag Mile Runner

Today's guest post comes from Maggie at Mag Mile Runner (again... thanks for 2 posts!!!) I am knee-deep in studying so I will not be back to posting until after December 1. I hope you enjoy!

What is your name and what is your blog (if applicable)?
I’m Maggie. My personal blog is MagMileRunner.com, but I also manage ChicagoRunningBloggers.com and RunChicagoSouth.com. 
Why do you like to run?
So many reasons …
I enjoy my time spent running solo, it’s a good way to clear my head.
I enjoy running with others, new friends or running buddies I’ve known for awhile.
I like the benefits of running - I feel healthier than I have in a long time. I have more energy than ever. And I like being able to eat whatever I want.
I run because I want to keep pushing myself and see how far or fast I can go.
And I run because I don’t want to forget that I’m lucky to be able to run. I have two healthy legs, two healthy lungs, and a healthy heart. Not everyone does. So I don’t want to take that for granted.
What is your favorite distance to race?
I enjoy every distance! It’s fun to go fast at the 5-10K distance. Half marathons are fun because they are challenging, but attainable without taking over your whole life. I’ve only done one marathon so far, but it was such an awesome experience and so rewarding.
What is your favorite race?
I have done a lot of races that I really enjoyed, but so far no absolute favorite yet.
Even though it’s expensive, I like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half. It’s a fun, well done race, and you can get a lot of swag at the expo.
I like the “small town” half marathons that I’ve done - First Midwest Half in Palos Heights, IL, Sunburst Half in South Bend, IN, Applefest Half in Hollis, NH. All very well done races, and it’s nice to have “room” to run on a quiet course.
I really enjoyed the Rockdale Ramblin Run 10K (in Rockdale, IL). Small town race, lots of hills (which I actually enjoy, sort of), good crowd, you get a hoodie and “finishers medal” (dog tag), and it’s in mid-April, so good chance for weather.
Name 5 random facts about yourself
1. I’ve never dyed my hair and have no tattoos
2. I Facebook for a living (I work in online marketing)
3. I play the piano and the flute
4. I know how to drive stick
5. I didn’t run in high school, but I played volleyball and soccer and was on the dance team
Do you prefer cats or dogs and why?
Cats. I don’t know why. Cats are jerks. But growing up, I always wanted a cat, and my mom hated them, so I never got one. When I was an adult, I adopted a cat from my best friend. A couple years later, my husband and I moved in with my parents, and the cat came with. My mom, the cat hater? LOVES my cat. Anyway, I’m not sure what it is. I think cats are hilarious. And they are quiet, and easy pets - you can leave them alone overnight as long as you leave them enough food and water and a clean litter box. You don’t have to take them for walks. But there are still cuddly and rewarding. Although I would like to get a dog someday.
What sports or activities did you play when you were younger?
In addition to being on the  volleyball, soccer and dance teams in high school,  I also played flute in band and was on mathletes.  
What is your favorite running temperature/weather condition?
I really love running outside after it has snowed. It’s just so peaceful - most people are inside, and I feel like the snow on the ground “muffles” any noise. And it’s so pretty out - like you’re in your own winter wonderland. Also, I love running outside at night in December, when everyone’s Christmas lights are on.
Favorite workout tune of all time?
Lately, the only time I listen to music when I work out is during group exercise classes. Lady Gaga and LMFAO are great for spin class.
What is your most favorite piece of race swag? (Medal, shirt, belt buckle)
The Fort2Base pullovers. They are lightweight, quarterzip long sleeve shirts. Perfect for fall weather, but you won’t overheat. I have every shirt they’ve given out (the women’s light blue and men’s dark blue from 2011, and the women’s pink and men’s green from 2012) … maybe I can keep collecting all the shirts every year? It helps that my husband doesn’t wear his race shirts, so I order his in my size.
Proudest running moment?
Finishing my first half marathon. I didn’t really know what I was doing - my training was abysmal, I had no running group or buddy to train with, and no one to go to the race with. I woke up to rain the morning of the race, and seriously considered just skipping it. I didn’t, and I made it to mile 8 of the race, and felt like I couldn’t go on any further, so I mostly walked the last 5 miles. It was really hard. But I finished. And had no one I knew at the finish line to celebrate with, so I went home. I was really proud of myself afterward, and I’m still proud of myself, not just for making it to the finish and sticking it out to the end, but for even showing up at the start line. I feel like everyone needs a hard race to struggle through. It makes you a better runner. You realize 1) you can survive anything and 2) just how important it is to train properly.  
Ways to contact you:
Instagram - MagMileRunner


  1. Haha ... flute AND mathletes? Man am I cool :)

  2. I love winter running too! Running during or after a new snow is amazing.

  3. I just want to second the fort2base pullover as being amazing! It's SO lightweight! I wish it would snow already. For some reason, it doesn't feel quite as cold when it snows....

  4. That is when I first met you, last winter! Looking forward to running with you through the winter again! :)

  5. I won one in one of Maggie's giveaways and I am glad I got a piece of this swag. I have a feeling it will be well-utilized this winter. Plus, it is a color other than black or pink. :)