Friday, August 17, 2012

Zipfizz Giveaway

As some of you may know, I have a fairly sensitive stomach. I can't do Gu and, lately, haven't been able to do Gatorade either. The tablets have been my friend this summer and seem to be easier on my stomach. Now that I know I love them, I'm always interested to try new tablets. I went a little crazy at the Rock N Roll Expo and tried a bunch of different types of Nuun, Clif, and Zipfizz. The only one I ended up purchasing was  Zipfizz. After giving it a try, I really liked it! The folks at Zipfizz even sent me a sampler pack with 5 different flavors, including a special ZipFizz water bottle!

Not only is a great rehydrator after a few long nights when energy to study is necessary (um I may have had a glass after last weekend)... but it tastes great and can help you out during or after a run too!

It has sodium and caffeine (essential for long runs) while also having low sugar and a low calorie count. One packet is mixed with 16-22 oz of water and you're good to go. (All of this information was taken from their site here.) The flavors included were grape, citrus, orange soda, pink lemonade, and berry. I've tried the orange soda and pink lemonade (pictured above) and both were delicious!

Why am I telling you about Zipfizz? Because the folks have offered to send the same sample package they sent me to one of my readers! What do you have to do to enter?

1) Comment telling me your favorite way to hydrate after a long run

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PLEASE summarize all entries in a single comment!

You have until Sunday, August 26 (by 11:59pm CST) to enter. The winner will be chosen (using on Monday, August 27. The winner must contact me within 48 hours (2 days) to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen (using again). If you have any other questions about the rules of the giveaway, please contact me before entering. This giveaway is open to all readers.


  1. I usually drink chocolate milk and more water.

  2. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  3. Chocolate milk or a smoothie. I already like you on FB!

  4. I'm currently using Nuun to hydrate. It'd be cool to try something new.
    I already like you on FB.

  5. Usually I just hydrate with water after a run, but also with chocolate soy milk after a long run.
    I like you on FB
    Shared the link on FB
    I follow you via Google
    I tweeted

  6. I usually just use water or gatorade to rehydrate after a run

  7. I also liked you on FB and followed you through Google

  8. It has a crazy amount of potassium also, if I remember correctly. I tried it at the expo and liked it, but didn't pick any up.

  9. I still love water the most, but I know I need some more stuff mixed in. I like you on Facebook and through GFC, and I tweeted!

  10. My favorite way to rehydrate?? Um...I just drink water and gatorade but I love chocolate milk and watermelon too! (There is water in watermelon!).

    I like you on Facebook!

  11. My favorite way to rehydrate after a long run is to drink watered down Gatorade, water, or chocolate milk. However, if given a choice I would probably rather have an umbrella drink. But that leads to further dehydration and crazy dance moves.

    I already like you on Facebook as well!

  12. During the summer I love to drink iced coffee after a run. After some water of course, ;)

  13. I already follow you on Facebook.

  14. I tweeted about this giveaway

  15. I mostly drink water for hydration and rely on a post workout recovery drink to recover. But I do like the AdvoCare Reyhydrate drink and I do like ZipFizz!

    I "like" RunningKellometers on FB,and I follow the blog via Google & email subscription!

  16. I love to hydrate after my regular runs with just plain water and a couple Margarita Clif Bloks (they've got extra salt in them). If it's a long run I've just finished, I add in some watermelon and cantaloupe, since they're both super hydrating fruits! Thanks for the giveaway! I've shared your FB post (I had already 'liked' your page a while ago, hehe), tweeted your link, and followed your blog on Google!

  17. One of my favorite ways to hydrate after a long run is anything cold w/sugar in it. (I normally don't drink beverages w/sugar-my body seems to crave it after long runs.)
    I follow you on FB and Twitter.
    I tweeted about the giveaway.
    I am a friend via Google.

  18. liked on FB....already a blog follower.....going to tweet now!

    I tend to drink a little coffee before running, take Gatorade in my handheld bottle for long runs, and re-hydrate afterwards with Gatorade......but would definitely try Zipfizz!

  19. I rehydrate with a mix of coconut water, chia seeds, greens powder and protein powder!
    Liked you on facebook (terri)

  20. I follow you on google, I like runningkellometers, on FB, and I fuel with cliff blocks and gatorade, and recover with lots of protein ! Milk, some eggs, and/or my Chobani!

  21. I'm still trying to find a good hydration after long runs (because long runs are also new to me but about to become a very big part since I'm training for a half marathon).

    PS - Like you on FB, and follow your blog too.