Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts

This week has been quite busy. I've been a bad blogger, a bad wife, a bad runner, but a very busy bee at the office. My job is cyclical and right now is our "busy season." I worked an 11 hour day on Monday and a 12 hour day on Tuesday. Wednesday was better and I was able to leave at a reasonable hour, thankfully. When I haven't been working, I've been studying or sleeping. I'm behind on all my TV shows and I'm hoping that things slow down next week (like I'm expecting they will). I'm even hoping to take a vacation day on Friday.

Since I was able to leave on-time yesterday, I got in my first run for the week. I've been so stressed out and overwhelmed it felt good to get out there and just RUN. My plan was 4 miles in this one loop around my neighborhood. I don't know if my Garmin distance was off or I was just having one of those "I LOVE RUNNING" kind of days, but it felt great! I didn't really have a plan before setting out. My pace was quicker than an easy run but slower than a temp. Now that I don't have a coach and am not really specifically training for anything, I have to come up with a better plan before leaving the house. That will start next week, when things aren't so crazy...

I ran with my handheld (standard) and drank Zipfizz during the run for the first time. It didn't upset my stomach. (yay!) I always get excited when I take something during a run that doesn't upset my stomach. If you're interested in trying Zipfizz, I'm hosting a giveaway! You have until Sunday, August 26 to enter. Click here for more details!

As I said in my Liebster post, I've been loving the flavor orange this summer. It is familiar, simple, and I like to keep the flavor consistent across drinks/chews during a run. I recently organized my runner junk drawer and realized I have a few varieties of orange flavored stuff.
Do you have a favorite flavor that you like to stick to? Or do you have an iron stomach where you're okay with anything?

This weekend we're heading to my husband's family cottage in Michigan. I've done plenty of runs up there this summer, but none longer than 6 miles. This weekend I'm going to attempt an 11 miler with my friend Kate S and I've already planned out the route. I've never done this route before so it should be fun! I love getting in a run while on vacation! Gotta balance out all the drinks and snacks we'll be consuming the same weekend...


  1. Have fun in MI! Love running up there.

    I'm not a huge fan of orange (sometimes it tastes too chemical-y) but I find that I end up with a lot of things in strawberry or raspberry flavors. The strawberry Clif shot gels are SO GOOD I would almost eat them for dessert.

  2. That's funny that you think orange tastes too chemical-y. I feel that way about strawberry a lot of times! Different flavors for different folks! :)

  3. Well poop, I wish I had known you were coming to the mitten, we could've met up!!!

  4. We go up there all the time! His parents' cottage is in Edwardsburg so it is practically Indiana. I would love to plan a meetup sometime!!

  5. Yay for going to MI! And getting home on time. I do hope work quiets down for you next week!

    I can stomach most flavors but really like orange too. I tend to get sick of things and cycle through.

    After training for a 5K for 4 mos or whatever, I totally needed to just run whatever I felt like. I am still doing that. LOL. I guess what I am saying is, it's okay just to run for fun! :) Of course, that does not get you to goal paces very fast!

  6. I can do most flavors, but sometimes I come across a GU, like island nectar, that completely gags me.