Monday, July 16, 2012

More Weather Frustrations

Last week I talked about how I wasn't going to post my whiny entry. Instead, I'm posting this whiny entry today. I hate hot weather. No matter how much I put myself out there and how hard I try, my workouts still suck. I am trying to get acclimated to the heat but it just hasn't been working. I'm getting out there when it's hot out. I'm not running to the treadmill when temps are in the 90s. When it is in the high 70s, why do I still struggle!? Why did I think it was a good idea to plan a goal half marathon to work my butt off for during one of the hottest Chicago summers on record? My goal race is only 6 days away. That means the forecast is out and things are not looking good. Highs in the low 90s. Ugh. (Hopefully that means it will be in the 60s at the start of the race and when we finish, temps will still be in the low 70s. A girl can dream, right?) This is the time when I'm supposed to be focusing on what I've worked towards over the past 12 weeks. I'm supposed to be visualizing myself achieving my goal and where I'll be throughout the course. There isn't time to panic/obsess about the weather. I think I just need to make sure I have a plan B, which is something I didn't have for the Chicago Marathon. Thankfully this race is only a half marathon and not a full. BUT, I've put in the work, I've put in the sweat, and I've even put in the tears. I'm hoping that the sub 1:50 is within my grasp come 7/22. I know that no matter what happens, I'm putting it all out there and giving it all I have...

Thanks to those of you that donated to my SpiBelt raffle. The winner is...

Lauren from Lauren Runs!

Thanks so much Lauren and congratulations! Please contact me at runningkellometers at gmail dot com to claim your loot!

In other news, I'm back in town from Mall of America where I scored some sweet new running gear with no sales tax. Winning! :) Also, in honor of the Olympics, I'll have a giveaway on the blog tomorrow so stay tuned!
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  1. Britt @ Chicago Runner GirlJuly 16, 2012 at 10:32 AM

    like i said on dm, don't stress about the things you can't control! it'll just make you crazy. having a plan b is a great idea and keeping positive about it will help. you've spent the past several months training in this weather, which means you can handle it even if you don't think so. i believe in you and all of the hard work you've put in, but you've got to believe in yourself girl! take a big breath in and exhale all those negative thoughts that aren't suiting you!

  2. awwww, i know how you feel. I feel like i work so hard every week, only to meet failure after failure after failure. You are an incredibly strong runner in any conditions. Make an A, B, C, and D plan for yourself - i think your nerves will be your biggest enemy, not the weather :)

    ( i had put my goal for this race as 1:55. I HAVE to stop getting drunk and signing up for races all winter long, when its 30 degrees and these goals seem attainable!)

  3. I think I might have some "race focus" time tonight while doing some cross training on the rowing machine. Time to get my head in the game and prepare for various things that could come my way on race day. Be prepared and be positive. I know I can do it......... :)

  4. Haha, I think having more than one person tell me this might get it through my thick skull. I need to tackle those nerves and have faith in my training. I've put in the work--time to see the fruits of the labor! :)

    It is better to get drunk in the summer and sign up for winter races. BTW, are you doing Fort2Base?

  5. Just keep telling yourself that you like running during your race. I just stole that from someone, and I'm definitely going to try it at my next race. "I like this. I like this. I like this." Really, we do like it, right??!! Sometimes in the heat, it's not as convincing.

  6. This is another good one! I might end up looking like that guy from Momento with all the tattoos if I wrote down everyone's running mantras. Although, I just might do that to keep me going when I need it!! :)

  7. Congrats to Lauren!

    I have noticed that when it does get in to the 70s, I expect my run to be spectacular... but it still isn't. Because I like it in the 40s. This summer is a beast! I hope we get a freak cold front for your race!