Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finally Adjusting To The Heat

News flash. It is hot out there, throughout many parts of the midwest. We had a mild winter and are now paying for it with a ruthless summer. The temps and humidity continue to plague workouts and slow our times. But this type of training can make us stronger, if only we're not afraid to get out there (after taking the proper precautions, of course).

Thursday I met up with the FN Runners for an fn hot run.
Even though it was super warm out, we still had a good amount of crazies out there joining me for a run!
L to R: Maggie, me, Amanda, Genevieve (+2 munchkins), Jill, Michelle, Keith, Susan
Yes, Maggie and I ran in sports bras. It was so hot and gross, we just didn't care. Plus, it was kind of a delayed response to Kelly the Culinarian's Sports Bra Challenge. We ran it slow, we ran it steady, we completed our run on a hot day and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. (This run was meant to be a recovery run after my mile repeat workout earlier in the week, so there wasn't a planned pace anyways.)

On Saturday, I had a long run scheduled for 13 miles. 7 miles at an easy pace, 4 miles at half marathon goal pace, 2 miles cool down. Prepping for my long run the day before, I made sure I had plenty of fluids (trying to learn from my mistakes). Even though temperatures were warm and it was humid, I headed out and tried to do my best in the heat. To be honest, the first 9 miles weren't bad. I felt my body was doing ok in the heat. Something I haven't felt before and it felt good. I picked it up at mile 7 as planned but came into a snag at the water stop at mile 10. I had trouble getting into my groove again and the heat was starting to wear me out. Miles 11 and 12 at "goal pace" didn't really workout so well, but that's okay. I did my best considering the conditions. I feel like I'm coming around to acclimating in this weather. I'm liking the feeling. This weekend is a similar workout and I'm going go try it again. The best I can do at this point is try! At least I'm going out there and giving it a try instead of staying in on the treadmill. Plus, I don't think I could do 14 miles on the treadmill and live to tell the tale. I would die of boredom (not joking).

In an attempt at trying to be "healthier" I bought some good groceries this week to make actual recipes and real lunches. Last night I made corn cakes that were super easy and super delicious. By themselves they were kind of bland, but the toppings helped make them great! The recipe can be found here. I didn't include green onion since Toph and I both don't like it, and we added tomatoes on top afterwards (I didn't want to mix them in and have it be too wet.) We also thought avocados would go great on top, if you had some available. The goat cheese definitely made the dish though. So good!
Thanks Pinterest!
P.S. Have you entered my SpiBelt Raffle yet??


  1. I'm kind of digging the heat. I keep convincing myself that running in 100 degrees and high humidity will make my fall goals (in hopefully cooler temps) much much easier. You're right- with the right precautions I also think running in the heat will strengthen us.

    Those corn cakes look delicious!

  2. I'm having a tough time acclimating to this heat and humidity this year Kelly!! I mean, I guess I am because I'm out there and doing it, it's just so brutal! lol.

    That recipe looks good! Keep sharing any meals you make. I have to get back into the groove of cooking something!

  3. Haha, I created a Pinterest board labeled "easy dinners" which is where I saved some future recipes. Is it easy? Does it require minimal ingredients? Can it be made quickly? I'm like the laziest cook ever. Haha

  4. Thanks for rocking the Sports Bra Challenge!

  5. http://goo.gl/aTLTV

  6. I am happy to hear that most of your long run went so well! This heat is a beast and we just have to do the best we can!

    Way to rock the topless look! :)

  7. Just think about how fast we will all be come fall! Of course, everyone else around us will also be fast ...

  8. Thanks! I am going to attempt a tempo run in tomorrow's temps. Hopefully it works out okay! :)

  9. Not everyone is as crazy as us, running on the trail when it is over 100 degrees outside (at 6pm). Come the fall when temps start to cool, we'll still be blazing by! Treadmill? What treadmill? :)