Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running the Hills and a Sad Movie

Yesterday was one of those runs that restores my confidence in running in the first place. I think it will be one of those runs I look back on fondly. I met my usual Saturday morning group for a hilly run. Our goal pace is around 10:00, but it usually ends up around 10:15-10:30 due to the hills. My goal on the schedule this week was to finish 11 miles in preparation of the Get Lucky half marathon. We started off with the first few miles being quicker than usual (9:33, 9:35, and 9:46). We kept trying to slow it down, but we all felt great and did slow things down once we got into the woods and hit up some larger hills.
Photos of hills never seem to do them justice. This was a big one (not Big Bertha, but still big). I ended up finishing 11 miles in 1:48:11 (9:50 splits). I was really really proud of this run and felt strong throughout the run. The hills didn't seem impossible but they never are easy. I'm feeling ready for all the goals I want to accomplish this year. 2012 is starting off great and I'm excited for everything ahead this year! Did you also do a long run this weekend? How was it? After this workout, I had to volunteer at my church. I took some fashion lessons from Stephanie at Run for Fun and wore my compression shorts and compression sleeves under my dress clothes. Everything felt great and I am back to normal today!

Now that I'm done being sentimental, it is time for some more pictures of my dog. Haha. Last night my husband made me watch Marley and Me. I had procrastinated watching it because I knew it would be sad and I would cry a lot. Truth be told, things went as expected. I was sad and cried a lot.
Pepper (my dog) knew I was sad so she was extra sweet all night. Oh those dogs! Just too sweet! Have you ever had a bad day and your dog (or cat) seemed to know and cheered you up? Animals seem really smart that way. :)

Today I lifted with Kate S. and my olive oil arms feel very noodley. I guess that means it was a great workout! Each week when I do a different weight routine, I surprise myself with what I can do. I think getting over that first mental barrier made all the difference!

I will be posting my first official raffle tomorrow to help raise money for my charity, Open Heart Magic. A clue for the raffle is below. I'm really excited about it! Until tomorrow...
Stay Tuned!

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