Friday, February 10, 2012

Finalizing My 2012 Race Schedule

One of my goals for 2012 is to complete 1 race per month. So far, I am on target to meet this goal. A recent office email informed us that the firm will be reimbursing participants of specific races as part of the new health initiative. A list of the races is below.

Shamrock Shuffle 8k - Sunday, March 25
Ravenswood 5k - Sunday, April 29
Corporate Challenge 3.5m - Thursday, May 24
Lincoln Park Zoo Run 5k & 10k - Sunday, June 3
Jim Gibbons 5k - Thursday, June 14th
Terrapin 5k - Thursday, August 23
Race Judicata 5k - Thursday, September 13
Bucktown 5k - Sunday, September 30
Hot Chocolate 5k & 15 - Sunday, November 4

Thankfully, a lot of these coincide with my schedule and are normally pretty pricy. If they are free, however, I know my wallet will thank me to sign up for at least a few of these! I wish there were more longer distance races, but I'll take what I can get. Are any of you local Chicago runners thinking about doing any of these races?

I am yet again debating doing the Valparaiso Valentine's 5k this Sunday. I was completely set on it on Monday, until I've the Chicago Get Lucky website came out. Now, I just want to do this race (which is now $67.77 for the half marathon) and I figure the $20 I would have spent on the Valparaiso race (plus gas) can get me closer to it. Or maybe I just do both?? Decisions decisions. I guess we'll see how the weather shapes up this weekend!

Wednesday night I had some time after CCD to fit in a run, but I had to go solo (my dog had a puppy play date all day and was too exhausted to run). In light of the Sherry Arnold Virtual Race this weekend, and just in general, I was nervous to go out alone. I grabbed my pepper spray, told my husband where I was going, and headed out for a quick 3 miles on the sidewalks. I didn't look at my watch, I just wanted to go out and enjoy the run. I completed the 3 miles in 25:44 (8:34 pace) but with a huge stomach ache the last mile. Note to self: do not eat anything made with Velveeta before a run. It has the opposite effect of Gu and will slow you down and make you feel like you are going to throw up with every step.

Last night I hit the rowing machine in our basement to get caught up on Game of Thrones before the new season starts in April. Is anyone else as excited as I am for the new season? I've had the books on my list for awhile but have not yet committed to them.

Are you participating in the Virtual Sherry Arnold run this weekend? If so, where and how? I'm running the Cupid Chase and will have her on my mind as I help Amanda try to meet her PR goal. Are any other local Chicago bloggers going to be at the Cupid Chase this weekend? Fellow local blogger, Too Tall Fritz, has put together a group run in the Frankfort area as well (click here for more information). The group will be meeting at 7:30am this Saturday in Frankfort by Old Plank Trail and Wolf Road. Come one, come all and share your story!


  1. I will be running the Shamrock and barring any marathon disasters, I will run the Hot Choc 15K. It was a good race last year (if you were toward the front) but I'll definitley sign up last minute after the marathon.

    And I will be hosting a Virtual Run for Sherry in Frankfort, IL at 7:30am on Saturday. Anyone is welcome to join us at Old Plank Trail (just south of US 30) & Wolf Road. We are parking in the lot in front of JC Penny's closest to the trail.

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the Hot Chocolate 15K this year. As much as I like to give that race crap (because they advertise the "best swag" and I don't think they deliver on that promise, I've gotten better swag at smaller local races), I like the distance and I like running downtown, and big races can be fun (because friends are there!) I wish my company would do the Corporate Challenge. Maybe now that we are a huge company, and half of our facilities are in Chicago proper (versus just collar counties and downstate) I can convince our wellness team to organize a team.

  3. Last year I did the Hot Chocolate 5k because I heard the 15k course was boring and crowded. A few days after I registered for the 5k, the news came out about the new 15k course. This year, I'm doing the 15k!

    And I agree. The "swag bag" was a thin jacket that seems it could rip apart any minute if the wind hits you the right way and a few lame chocolate squares. The post-run food was great, but def not worth the $45 price tag for a 5k. Thankfully my office is reimbursing me!

    Please let me know if you guys do the corporate challenge! I did this race a few years ago (probably like 2009 or 2010) and won fastest female of our office. I'm hoping to maintain that title, even with a new firm! Hopefully you guys can get a team together! :)

  4. I heard a lot of mixed reviews on the Hot Chocolate 15k. I think they need to include some sort of "Race Etiquette 101" information with these gigantic races with lots of new runners. I think it would help everyone out!

    I'll update my post to include information on the Frankfort run for local south side bloggers!

  5. Winter is coming! I am in love with game of thrones. I am currently reading book 5!! Also, see you at the shamrock shuffle!! and hopefully the get lucky 21k!

  6. Shamrock Shuffle (of course) and y plan is the hot chocolate 15k...
    Can't wait for tomorrow. I'll give it all I have even when I think I have nothing left to give!! 8:15 at my house, right Kelly?? Thanks again!

  7. Yes! I will see you at 8:15. I'm excited to run by my old neighborhood in Old Town! :)

  8. I need to start reading these books. After my busy season with work, I will get started!!! I know Maggie was talking about putting something together for a blogger meet up at the Shamrock Shuffle since so many of us are doing it! I also hope to sign up for the Get Lucky 21k. I'm going to see how this weekend goes and post on here when I sign up, fo sho!

  9. I am so jealous of your work reimbursement.

  10. It is something that was unexpected so I'm pretty excited about it. Although, all of these races are in the city so there is still the parking/gas expense. It should still be a fun time!

  11. That is so cool your company is doing that! Mine won't even pay for Chase, but I might do it this year. Otherwise, I tend to stay out of the city.

  12. My old company used to pay for the Corporate Challenge, and then they stopped and no one showed up. My new company pays for it and we'll probably have a big tent, but I know that race was really over crowded when I did it a few years ago. I can only imagine what the masses are like now!

    I agree--I have really been enjoying the local races lately, but with free entry, I may check out some of these city races if the schedule permits. :)

  13. WOW! I wish I could race that much. Reading all your recaps is going to be awesome. I hope you have a great weekend :)