Monday, November 28, 2011

I Workout

As what is becoming my new Monday routine, I worked out the guns today. As I've mentioned before, my office building has a nice little workout facility. I snuck a few pictures between sets. Please don't mind my pasty white legs that practically blend in with the weight bench. (Summer or winter, my legs are always this pale. When I was in the medical tent at the Chicago Marathon, they asked if I was always this pale.) One of my co-workers was doing some heavy lifting and I couldn't help but laugh as I was breathing heavy with my mini 5-pounders. I looked up a couple different "runner" arm workouts and gave them a whirl. I did 3x 10 of each of the following: military pulls, front curls, back curls, and fly lifts (these names sound made up). I also used the "boob shrinker" machine. (This is a technical term from the high school days.) I think it is actually called a butterfly machine. I'm not sore yet, but it felt like a good workout. I know I will be soon! I'm just getting back into this weights thing, but I'm hoping it will help me push hard through that last mile of a 5k or the last straight away at a half marathon.

Hopefully I'll be able to take the pup with me for a jog tomorrow night. I know she has been dying to go. We are finishing up day 5 without any hot water. The husband is doing research and hopefully we'll have a solution tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!


  1. I am also super pasty year-round. I gave up on trying to tan years ago. I'm a redhead. I only burn. So I just embrace the pastiness. The nice thing is, we won't look like old leather handbags in 20 years.

  2. Haha, my thoughts exactly Maggie! I realized long ago that I'm not someone who tans, and I totally embrace the pale-ness. I was the kid at the pool in their early teens wearing a t-shirt because my mom didn't want me to get sunburned.